Rovex Telecom

Rovex Telecom is an international wholesale voice communication operator with more than 15 years of presence in the telecommunications market. We are connected with more than 500 telecommunication partners around the world. We are a team of dynamic people, experts and leaders in our field, focused on providing the highest quality services for our client base in Africa, Asia, the CIS, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and others. The strength of Rovex Telecom lies in its individual approach to each partner, effective traffic management practices, reliable, worldwide partner network, its own billing system that can be adapted to the pace of the progressive VoIP and SMS market, flexibility and modern changes based on customer requirements, fast and high-quality technical support. Rovex Telecom does not stand still – we develop and gradually launch new projects!

We guarantee you the highest level of quality of all our services, flexibility of our business for your comfort, achieving the best results in partnership with us.



Tel: +1 470 349 7 056 (USA)

Fax: +1 470 349 7 056

Email: [email protected]

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