Mañana Innovations PTE LTD

Mañana Innovations Pte. Limited is a very fast growing innovative  Multi-Country Based International Long Distance Voice & SMS Carrier With SBO License in Singapore. Mañana has established network Infrastructure in USA! A diversified team of professionals spread over India  and the USA, with the leadership team in India.

Mañana’s Infrastructure has established significant Switching capacity with best in class Automated Monitoring, Analysis and Testing & Fault Management systems all with geographic redundancy to give our partners the confidence of reliability. With over 250 Interconnects, Mañana provides beyond market rates over any demanded quality. Mañana now has its own retail Class 5 calling card platform offering the “MañanaTalk” Service on both IOS and Android with expanding customer base and retail traffic generated from the Community of Interest residing in distant countries. Mañana Mobile, the Strategic Business Unit of Mañana MVNO operations also provides International Roaming Solutions addressing a USD 2 Billion market of the Travel Community. Mañana believes in Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges while serving the Unserved and the Underserved.  It is constantly building partnerships & Alliances in events like GCCM hence welcomes companies as partners!

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