Dime Communication

Dime is a global digital platform with passion on enabling the digital evolution in new business streams. Hence positing itself as the digital evolution platform.

Dime Communication is pursuing multiple digital innovation to mention some (communication, finance – payments and remittance-, personal – healthcare), and supporting the expansion plan of the Group and to create a Digital Enabler which is more than just a Telco.

Dime Communication is a global company with focus to introduce and support the telecom sector on the nature of digital transformation of the traditional telecom operator business by creating a business which integrates the consolidated telecom services with a host of new digital services.

With different synergic business lines of the traditional telecom (wholesale and retail) and mixing it with a unique digital platform solution – OTT based – it is seeking an active growth to seize the digital opportunity in the communication arena.

The company has office in Bahrain, London, Hong Kong and Philippines.The group have been in the market for over 10 years and it has established itself as reputed operator which today is expanding to new horizons.


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