Bank of Telecom

Bank of Telecom ® is the international voice market for telecoms suppliers. Bank of Telecom® offers ALL its Suppliers valuable market information on Routes, such as Price, Quality and Capacity for Retail and Wholesale trades, as well as traffic on fast secure and cost effective payment terms with the help of Bank of Telecom ® payment partner Western Union. Suppliers can join Bank of Telecom® and become Members following a simple verification process. Bank of Telecom® Members can Post Routes at the Price and on the Terms they wish to offer. When a Match is achieved, a Deal can be made. ALL Bank of Telecom ® Members receive fast payments for any value of payment for a single US$20 charge saving over 70% on normal bank wire charges for recipients of funds. Bank of Telecom ® is a registered trade mark of, and is owned and operated by, Internet Mobile Communications Ltd.

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