The ANNECTO Group is primarily focused on providing Voice aggregation and Direct termination but also offers a suite of services such as SMS, Mobile Solutions, Mobile Financial Services, VAS Solutions and Managed Services. Established in 2003 and restructured in 2014, ANNECTO partners with over 250 carriers including MNO’s, PTT’s, Tier-1 companies and small niche suppliers across the globe.

The ANNECTO group also provides quality SMS solutions to Mobile Network Operators, Carriers and Enterprises through AMESSAGING.
AMESSAGING has recently deployed a state of the art SMS platform offering market leading Anti-Fraud solutions for MNO’s and feature rich Trading services for partners.

ANNECTO continues to offer managed services for all telecoms services and also has access to its own DECT Guard Band License for rural coverage and small cell technology.

For enquiries please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Main Segments
Service Portfolio
VOICE Partnered with some of the largest & niche carriers around the world to offer our customers the best pricing for quality voice termination.
VYZYO offers operators, carriers and businesses a wide range of VAS services for Mobile Money, CC solutions, SMS for enterprise, RBT & More.
SMS ANNECTO Messaging provides SMS solutions, securitisation and monetisation solutions for Operators; including hubbing, aggregation and termination.
Company Presentation
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Press Room
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Our Head Office is centrally located making it easy for you to visit us. Drive in the comfort of your own car, take public transport or fly, getting to us is simple. Alternatively we would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the form or details below.
T: +44 207 077 88 00
F: +44 207 077 88 11

[email protected]
[email protected]

WestWorld, West Gate, London W5 1DT


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