Afinna One

Headquartered in Rome, Afinna ONE is an Italian-based International Carrier for Global Voice Termination.
One of our strengths is the number of direct interconnections we have set up with partners in key destinations worldwide.
As a leading provider of international wholesale services, we also generate high volumes of revenue with our own retail traffic.

Other strengths our customers can benefit from:

* Over 310 interconnections primarily with Tier 1 operators
* 22 Employees – and continued organic growth planned
* NOC 24/7/365
* 5 POP’s in Frankfurt, Miami, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai
* Over 780 Million of minutes per year
* Over 58 Million $ estimated turnover for 2016 and growing for 2017

In addition to our wholesale activity, we can offer:

* NOC services in Cloud
* Call center in 6 languages: Arabic, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian

Working with Afinna ONE means working with high quality standard voice services to create a strong, long-term relationship.

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