For Recruitment Companies

Carrier Community, the global Telecom Club with executive members from the Telecom industry only, offers to recruit telecom professionals for you.
Your job offer post will be precisely targeted to reach only telecom professionals and Carrier Community club members that are searching for the right candidates in the industry, or those telecom professionals – members keeping doors open for new opportunity.
Benefits of posting job openings at Carrier Community Club:
  1. Post the opening at telecom industry to reach over 5000 executives from 2400+ operators in 130+ countries around the world.
  2. Exposure to your recruitment service to Telecom decision makers around the globe.
  3. Applicants will reach you directly without any obstructs.
  4. Save time and expenses, benefiting from our extra service “full evaluation processing” where you can chose to have only related profiles pass on to you.
  5. Enrich your database in telecom industry by having new specialized profiles for future openings and/or different telecom clients.
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