How transcoding can help you climb up the value chain

  The world of telecom services is evolving faster than at any time in the past, as customer expectations for always-on and faster solutions grow with each new handset design. At the same time, each generation of handset now has the power to provide even higher quality audio and video through advanced encoding technologies which brings a massive increase in overall service complexity. IPX providers are in an ideal position to offer the evolved transcoding services required to deal with this new complexity, mainly because of their position as the interconnecting engine of the global telecom network. This 360 vision, developed in cooperation with Radisys, will not only explain what transcoding is, but also why it is becoming increasingly important for IPX providers to support it. We will also discuss the challenges related to offering transcoding services and will finally outline potential real life use cases that will convince you to add this capability to future-proof your business. To view full report, please click here

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