Webinars for members: virtually join the panel discussion and knowledge sharing sessions, arrange private group meetings
CC is launching its new media service – CC-Webinar.Live for the community members enabling them to virtually join the panel discussion and knowledge sharing sessions as well as arrange private group meetings and take advantage of branded options. Members will receive updates about new webinars planned and CC - 2020 Webinar calendar going forward. CC-Webinar.Live provides members the advantages that range from flexibility to cost-effectiveness. Members do not have to travel to webinars but can participate from the comfort of their own homes and offices. This serves the company budget, saving travel expenses while continuing to expand knowledge-sharing, conducting virtual meetings and promoting further brands.
For more details please read our webinar report CLICK HERE
  • Cost-effective way to share industry knowledge with other CC members
  • Present and discuss latest industry trends with peers during the discussion sessions moderated by CC
  • Leverage on customised branded webinar sessions to present and share company latest product launch and news
  • Building cumulative brand value, directly to your target audience
  • Creating new business relationships and contacts
  • Flexibility as valuable Webinar content will be available through audio and video recordings
  • Better understanding of your target audience through interactive discussions
  • Anonymous participation is possible therefore our Webinars will provide you with confidentiality
  • Ability to share and download additional digital material at any time during the session
  • Arranging video conference and virtual face to face individual and group meetings​​​​​​​

To obtain further details about the CC-Webinar.Live planned sessions and how to arrange group meetings or customised branded webinar sessions with key note presentations, please feel free to contact our team at: [email protected]


  • Members need to have a laptop, camera, and microphone
  • Members need to have Zoom installed on their device. https://zoom.us/support/download
  • you don't need to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meetings
Please contact the CC team to obtain further details regarding the CC-Webinar.Live branded and customized packages helping your organization to share company messages and latest launches with a large audience while leveraging on CC-Webinar.Live promotion and branding platform. 
Go to CC-Webinars.Live Gallery to view the samples: CLICK HERE

Please contact us at: [email protected]
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