CC is launching its new service: CC- TV and offers various features for the community members to enable them to share their company vision and latest product launches within the community and further promote company’s market positioning and service portfolio). Members can book CC- TV Interview slots at the global CC- Events and in the London Studio. To learn more about the available slots and pricing details, please contact us at: [email protected]


CC offers its members Video Interview Slots at its global CC- Events such as GCCMs, Global Awards and others.
Please contact us at [email protected] to obtain further details and book the slot.



CC- TV HotShot

CC has launched its new service: Hotshot Interview


  • Interview slot 5 mins at the suitable GCCM>
  • Editing, design and production
  • Promoting in Twitter & Linkedin
  • Publishing on Hot Telecom and CC-Media Portal
  • Printing in the Carrier Community Magazine (4 editions), design included. Text to be provided by the customer
  • Included in Carrier Community relevant mail shots and newsletter
  • Published and sent out to more than 20,000 telecom executives globally

CC- TV Live Stream

The new CC – TV Live Stream service enables its community members to further stand out in the crowd by using CC new digital live streaming service both at the CC – Events, such as GCCMs, but also in other parts of the world and in on-site London studio. We amplify your message on Social Media platforms and produce the content professionally to clearly deliver the message about your company proposition, capabilities and vision. We provide at CC – events below two key features (to view some CC-TV Livestream interviews taken at EUROPE and CEE GCCMs.


News/ Content to broadcast:

  • The content is just any news they wish to share with the world, for example a new partnership, new product, etc.
  • The content goes live on our stream across various social channels. It’s similar to how news appears on the bottom of some news shows (see the image below)
  • We ideally would like content to be under 120 characters


Interview to broadcast:

It is an interview style. If you imagine the media on the red carpet of a film premiere where they have a star and ask them friendly questions – that is how we plan to do this. The content is always centred on what the person we interview is an expert. It is our philosophy that every guest must be shown in the best possible way. The content will be distributed globally on our platform on our website, Twitter, twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and other social media channels. We are the only TV distributor that is able to do this using our unique IP. It is a sitting Interview.


Glassboards, Interviews & Social Media Shorts

Video content is a key element to engaging customers in a digital world. They seek clear, informative and impactful content to understand your vision, propositions and capabilities. Glassboards, Social Shorts, Interviews and other similar video content are effective ways to meet this demand & amplify your message. Glassboards are educational and explainer videos of Carrier Community members’ services  Interviews and Social Shorts are to amplify your message on Social Media platforms and websites

Your content will be professionally produced, at pace, and we will ensure that you have your brand & message clearly featured in each piece of content we create for you.

To learn more about the CC-TV Live Stream features please view below. Should you require more information about this new service and pricing or would like to book a slot, please contact us at [email protected].



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