CC – Ambassadors

CC-Ambassadors are telecom experts who have a great impact in Carrier Community Club. They are the bridge between CC and telecoms. They are passionate, inspiring and motivated to share and spread our values. Meet Erik, Jose, Natalya, Lay Khuan, Patricia, Florence and Patrick!

The Carrier Community is a true networking platform for doing business.
Erik van Stokkom, CC Ambassador

GCCM is like enjoying a perfect cocktail: quality ingredients, nicely served in a wonderful environment!
Jose Garcia, CC Ambassador

Carrier Community is a highly specialized platform that successfully unites business and networking.
Lay Khuan Soh, CC Ambassador - APAC Region

GCCM is a great option to join the Telecom community and be a part of it... at the conferences and online.
Nataly Bubnovskaya, CC Ambassador

Carrier Community is the telecom community platform and offers its members the truly community spirit.
Patricia Ribeiro Soares, CC Ambassador - LATAM Region

Carrier Community is the Human oriented approach of the Telecom Industry
Andreas Constantinides, CC Ambassador

The Carrier Community is analogous to the United Nations of Telecommunications providing a forum for members to debate current telecom issues while pursuing serious business interests cordially and professionally.
Florence Sebastien, CC Ambassador

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