Carrier Community (CC) Celebrates its 10th Anniversary at Europe 2018 GCCM – London

Carrier Community (CC) Celebrates its 10th Anniversary at Europe 2018 GCCM – London


CC launches its first Digital Cloud Event at its 10th anniversary event


Sarnen, Switzerland 7 March, 2018 – CC, an exclusive club and global networking – branding platform for telecom carriers and wholesale providers celebrated its 10th anniversary at its 11th annual Europe 2018 GCCM and its first CC-Digital Cloud event in London on the 14th & 15th February at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. Global Carrier Community Meetings (GCCM) as well as CC-Digital Cloud events bring together executives from across the related segments, region and the world to collaborate, share ideas and do real business.


Its 11th annual Europe 2018 CC- GCCM/ CC- Digital Cloud events hosted over 820 executives from over 390 operators in more than 68 countries. The CC Members get together from OTT, Data, MVNO, Voice, SMS, Mobile, VAS, Cable, Satellite, IX, ISP, Enterprise, Data Centers and other related segments. There were several interesting Executive panels hosted at the event that included panelists from Microsoft, Global Cloud Xchange, Lycamobile, Three UK and other executive leaders.


“Our CC annual member events continuously prove to be the positive networking avenue and the place to do real business. It enables the club members representing the region and other parts of the globe to meet in one place.” said Wida Schmidt, CEO of CC. “I would also like to say thanks to all the panelists joining the sessions that support us to further improve the content for GCCM and CC Digital events and sharing their views and knowledge with the member guests.”


Carrier Community successfully launched its first CC – Digital Cloud event in London and planning to do so also in other parts of the world such as Berlin and Dubai in 2018.  It is an exclusive event for Digital Cloud segments to meet, explore business opportunities and show casing their latest solutions while interacting with CC members.


“I would like to say a special thank you all for your continuous trust and support while being our CC members and attending our CC conferences in the past 10 years around the world and making it happen successfully together. Also, a big thanks to our official Europe 2018 London Partner Sponsors for supporting and encouraging us to organise this GCCM/ CC-Digital Cloud event in Europe again” Said Wida Schmidt, CEO of Carrier Community.


The Carrier Community will be hosting its first America 2018 GCCM in Mexico City, which will take place on the 9th – 10th April 2018. Over 450 club members from over 200 telecom operators will meet and network in Mexico City.


CC is also launching its annual CC-Submarine Summits in Singapore and Dubai in June and October 2018 as well as CC-SMS Messaging Summit in Frankfurt in April 2018. Please join us.


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