Orchid Air: “Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence!”

Orchid Air: Virtualization in communication and IT

Orchid Air. Our virtualized real time communication switching platform

We are surrounded by things we can’t touch, purely created by our fertile imaginations and increasingly by technology. Religion, an obvious one, but what about a “company”, a “country” or the “law”, ever touched any of that those? These virtual institutions or beliefs are creations of our minds and yet they exist and function.

More recently, we even invented virtual realities, parallel worlds, reminiscent of the movie “Matrix”, and use Google glasses to transport ourselves somewhere virtual of our liking. People, some decades ago, would probably have had a slightly disturbed look on their faces if confronted with these creations or even just the holistic idea of them.

The communications and IT sector is largely responsible for the latest virtualization evolutions, as is the internet, as it plays a central part in its distribution and consumption.

Therefore, how can there be so many concerns still about the virtualization of the technology sector itself, if it already enables all these “new realities” in our day to day lives?

We at Cataleya belief in NFV and the great benefits it has for networking agility, simplicity and scale.

Orchid Air, our virtualized, real time communication switching platform is a true reflection of that belief and we only started our journey to explore the possibilities in full.

If you want to learn more about the new realities, please contact us.


Andreas Hipp

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