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Carrier Community (CC)

Carrier Community is an exclusive global telecom club and industry networking platform for wholesale telecom service providers. It was founded as a central and transparent platform to enhance business opportunities across various sectors, such as Voice, Data, SMS, Mobile, Datacenters, VAS, MVNO, ISP, Cable Subsea, Telehouse and others. The aim of our telecom club is to offer a meeting place where members can share ideas, strategies, contacts and business information. Since the establishment of our platform we achieved to qualify more than 8,000 members, representing more than 2300 Operators from more than 120 countries. Our members occupy C-Level, VP, Director and Manager positions incumbent in leading, mobile, alternative and small operators. While the industry goes through major changes, new technologies – disruptive or not – are contributing to its even faster development. In addition we strongly believe that interconnection and new supply need more transparency and a mutual, sinergic approach to grant a healthy future for all members. Consequently this portal is unique due to its focus on a specific user group. Besides, its independence from vendors and transparency make it a truly neutral and effective networking platform.

Our Mission
The community founders believe that the exchange of contacts and information via a central member telecom club are the core to the creation of new business opportunities. In addition several organised annual networking events are helping to increase connections within the telecom industry. Our goals are to:
  • Create a centralised telecom club platform for all members, enhancing business connections within various products and business segments
  • Grant neutrality and transparency in order to achieve a proactive future for all of our telecom club members
  • Connect our members globally and enable them to meet with their peers in one or more regional places
CC History
telecom club history
CC Values
telecom club values
telecom club values
telecom club values
telecom club values
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